Our Members

Anyone who owns property in Spanish Peaks Mountain Club is a member of the owners association with all of the rights and obligations of a member as specified in the Second Restated and Revised Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Spanish Peaks (CC&Rs).

What We Do

The organization is governed by the CC&Rs and Bylaws of Spanish Peaks. As such the association's responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining and keeping in good condition all open spaces (i.e., all non-residential properties) and to pay the taxes, insurance, and maintenace costs association with these open spaces. Maintenance on open spaces includes, but is not limited to, bike and pedestrian trails, landscaping along roadways and entrance gates, spraying of noxious weeds, forest management, etc.
  • Maintaining and repairing roadways within the development
  • Snow removal from roadways within the development
  • Levying of assessments for all common expenses—expenses related to the maintenance and repair of open spaces and roadways
  • Maintaining financial reserves to cover road maintenance and repairs

Any and all such services that the SPOA Board deems appropriate and necessary for the protection of members properties, such as security.